Future Updates

Notes for the next Melbourne Train Map


Craigieburn Line

Suburban section of the Broadmeadows line to be extended to Craigieburn, rename Broadmeadows line to Craigieburn line.

Craigieburn (opened 22-7-1872), Roxburgh Park (opened 30-9- 2007), immediately north of closed Somerton (change date of closure to 6-12-1960), Coolaroo (opened 6-6-2010) between closed Somerton and Broadmeadows to be added.


Cranbourne Line

Lynbrook (opened 22-4-2012) to be added between Lyndhurst and Merinda Park


Whittlesea Line

Whole line to be depicted including closed section Mernda – Whittlesea.

Line details to be amended to show reopening of Epping – South Morang (22-4-2012) and South Morang – Mernda (26-8-2018)

Additional station depictions:

Whittlesea (opened 23-12-1889, closed 29-11-1959)

Yan Yean (opened 23-12-1889, closed 29-11-1959)

Mernda (opened as South Yan Yean 23/12/1889, renamed 1/12/1913, closed 28/11/1959)

Mernda (opened 26-8-2018)

Hawkstowe (opened 26-8-2018)

Middle Gorge (opened 26-8-2018)

South Morang (opened 23-12-1889, closed 29-11-1959)

South Morang (opened 22-4-2012)


A new Epping station to be added (i.e. there are 3 Eppings in a row, with the two closed ones on the Melbourne side of the open one). The stations will be bunched together as the locations are close to each other. Details as follows:


South Morang

Epping (opened 28-11-2011)

Epping (opened 30-11-1964, closed 24-11-2011)

Epping (opened 23-12-1889, closed 28-11-1959)



Frankston Line

Southland (opened 26-11-2017) to be added between Highett and Cheltenham.


Hurstbridge Line

Opening date for Rosanna to be corrected to 1-10-1907.


Lilydale Line

New Nunawading (opened 11-1-2010) immediately to the west of the old Nunawading (previously Tunstall, closed 18-12-2009) to be added.

New Heatherdale (opened 6-2-2017) immediately to the east of the old Heatherdale (closed 26-12-2016) to be added.


Melton Line

Suburban section of line to be depicted between the junction of the Werribee – Deer Park line and Sunshine – date of opening 2-4-1884.

Deer Park (opened 2-3-1884 as Kororoit, renamed 3-12-1889), Ardeer (opened 2-4-1929, closed 28-8-1956), Ardeer (opened 2-5-1977) to be added.


Pakenham Line

General Motors to be shown as closed (date of closure 26-7-2002).

Cardinia Rd (opened 22-4-2012) to be added between Officer and Pakenham.

New Hughesdale (opened 25-8-2018) immediately to the west of the old Hughesdale (closed 14-10-2017) to be added.


Rosstown Railway

The unopened stations (Sugar Works (also called Beet Mill), Booran Road, Hawthorn Road, and Garden Vale) will be depicted – it turns out that they were constructed.


Sunbury Line

Open section of line to be extended to Sunbury, rename Sydenham line to Sunbury line.

Sunbury (opened 10-2-1859), Digger’s Rest (opened 10-2-1859), Holden (opened 5-1-1860, closed by 31-12-1860) to be added.

New West Footscray (opened 14-10-2013) immediately to the west of the old West Footscray (closed 2-10-2013) to be added.


Werribee Line

Williams Landing (opened 28-4-2013) between Aircraft and Hoppers Crossing to be added.


Werribee-Deer Park Line

Open section of line to be shown between West Werribee and Deer Park – date of opening 21-6-2015.

Tarniet (opened 21-6-2015) and Wyndham Vale (opened 21-6-2015) to be added.


Spencer Street to be renamed Southern Cross (date of renaming 13-12-2005).