San Francisco Street Railway Map

Here is the current draft of my forthcoming historical map of Street Railways in San Francisco. It follows the same basic format as the Melbourne and Sydney tram maps, although of course there are open cable lines depicted!

To accompany the map, I am preparing a Chronology, which will provide source information for all the data in the map. I would be very happy to hear of any errors or omissions – at this stage both the map and the Chronology are very much works in progress. The map depicts the Central Subway as being open (no opening date yet of course!) and I expect to be able to print and hopefully sell the map sometime in late 2022.

Please note that I have not included franchise holding operations in the map. This was when a company would operate a skeleton service over a stretch of track merely in order to hold the legal right to run a service, and just as importantly, prevent rivals from competing!

You will notice that there are gaps in the numbering for details of opening and closing – this is to allow me to insert new details without having to renumber all items every time this happens. When publication is much closer I will fix this.

Click on the link below to view the current draft. I will try to post an updated version every month. Comments to me at

San Francisco tram map draft Mar 2022

San Francisco street railway chronology draft March 2022