San Francisco Street Railway Map

This is my historical map of Street Railways in San Francisco. It is the only map that depicts the entire history of the development of street railways in SF, including horse, cable, steam and electric lines. It follows the same basic format as the Melbourne and Sydney tram maps, although of course there are open cable lines depicted!

To accompany the map, I have prepared a chronology, which provides sources for all the data in the map.

Car house and cable engine house locations are also depicted, and I have also prepared a list of sources which explain why they are placed where they are.

The map is A1 (841mm x 594mm) size on archival quality paper for convenient framing.

Please note that I have not included franchise holding operations in the map. This was when a company would operate a skeleton service over a stretch of track merely in order to hold the legal right to run a service, and just as importantly, prevent rivals from competing!

North American buyers please note: you can avoid substantial postage costs by buying the map from the Market Street Railway in San Francisco. Just follow this link:

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San Francisco street railway chronology July 2023

Engine House and Car House Locations September 22