Future Updates

Albury line

  • West Wodonga (between Barnawartha and Wodonga) will be depicted.

Ballarat-Ararat line

  • A closed Wendouree (1st) will be inserted between the open Wendouree and Ballarat. The open Wendouree to be renamed Wendouree (2nd).

Balmoral line

  • A second Quantong will be added, between Quantong (1st) and Vectis.

Balranald line

  • Bimbinette and Edward to be removed, as they were not passenger stations

Buninyong line

  • A second Mount Helen will be added, between Mount Helen (1st) and Buninyong.

Casterton line

  • The geometry of the line will be altered to show that the line to Casterton branched from the Portland line in the opposite direction (i.e. a train from Casterton to Hamilton would have had to reverse at Branxholme)

Crowes line

  • Watson and Facey’s Stopping Place (between Barongarook and Birnam) will be added.

Cudgewa line

Bandiana (2nd) will be depicted between Bandiana (to be renamed Bandiana 1st) and Bonegilla.

Daylesford line

  • The first Daylesford station will be shown between the junction of the line to Ballarat and Musk. The existing Daylesford to be shown as Daylesford (2nd).

Deep Leads Mine line

  • The Deep Leads Mine line will be shown as ending with a passenger station and the intermediate stations along it (Chalk’s Mine and Havilah Mine) will be depicted.

Dunolly-Inglewood line

  • Tarnagulla needs its spelling corrected.

Echuca line

  • Epsom will be shown as open. (It reopened after the publication of the map).
  • Kangaroo Flat (1st) will be depicted between Kangaroo Flat (to be renamed Kangaroo Flat (2nd)) and Ravenswood.

Heathcote line

  • Ingham Siding, McIvor Rd and Strathfieldsaye will be depicted, Rangelea will be removed.

Katamatite line

  • Lamrock will be removed.

Koondrook line

  • Pyramid Creek (between Kerang and Yeoburn) will be depicted.

Mansfield line

  • Balham (between Cheviot and Molesworth) will be depicted.

Maryborough – Ararat line

  • The loop line connecting the Maryborough-Ararat line and the Portland line will be depicted (opened 18-2-2019).

Mildura line

  • Creswick Racecourse (between North Creswick and Tourello) will be depicted.
  • Strathfillan (between Emu and Carapooee) will be depicted.
  • Gowar (between St Arnaud and Sutherland) will be depicted.
  • Laen Siding (between Cope Cope and Donald) will be depicted.
  • A second location for Redcliffs (between Redcliffs (1st) and Yatpool) will be depicted.
  • The map will have an insert showing the Mildura “suburban” stations operating during the 1920s.

Mirboo North line

  • The section of line between Moe and Boolarra should be shown as opening on 10 April 1885, not 10 April 1884.

Oaklands line

  • A second location for Nooramunga (between Nooramunga (1st) and Devenish) will be depicted.

Orbost line

  • Herne’s Oak, Maryvale and Stratford Junction will be removed (these were not passenger stations) and Partelli and Newmarella will be depicted.

Port Fairy line

  • Waurn Ponds will be shown between the closed Grovedale and Duneed stations. (It opened after the publication of the map).
  • The Port Fairy Wharf line (opened 4/2/1890, closed October 1950) extending from Port Fairy station will be depicted.
  • Breakwater (between Geelong Racecourse (1st) and Marshall) and Showgrounds Platform (between Warrnambool and Dennington) will be added.

Portland line

  • New Langi Logan Siding and Langi Logan South (between Langi Logan and Maroona) will be depicted. Grange to be removed.

Redesdale line

  • De Graves (between Redesdale Junction and Edgecombe) will be depicted.
  • Barfold will have its spelling corrected.

Robinvale line

  • Inglewood Racecourse (between Bridgewater and Inglewood) will be depicted.

Serviceton line

  • Leeor (between Lillimur and Serviceton) and Plumpton (between Burrumbeet and Trawalla) will be depicted.
  • Marmalake will be removed as it was not a passenger station.

Sunshine – Ballarat line

  • Stations to the east of the junction of the Sunshine – Ballarat line and the Werribee – Deer Park line (Deer Park and two Ardeers) will be removed and shown on the Melbourne Train Map.
  • Hilton (between Deer Park and Rockbank) and Bacchus Marsh Racecourse (between Bacchus Marsh and Rowsley) will be depicted.
  • Caroline Springs (opened 29/1/2017) (between Deer Park and Hilton) will be depicted
  • Bank Box will be removed (not a passenger station).
  • Dunnstown will be shown as east of the junction of the Geelong Ballarat line.

Stony Crossing line

  • Coobool will have its spelling corrected.

Swan Hill line

  • Woodvale (2nd) will be depicted, between Woodvale (now Woodvale 1st) and Sebastian.

Thorpdale line

  • North Coalville between David and Coalville will be added.

Wedderburn line

  • The geometry of the line will be altered to show that the line to Wedderburn branched from the main line in the opposite direction (i.e. a train from Wedderburn to Inglewood would have had to reverse at Wedderburn Junction)

Yarram line

  • The station symbol for Barry Beach Junction to be renamed Agnes (Barry Beach Junction was close to, but not at the same location as Agnes. Barry Beach Junction was not a passenger station, but a location)
  • Masons Siding (between Welshpool and Hedley) will be added.