Diagrammatic History of the London Underground

I bought a copy of this map during a visit to London in 1991. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose this is where it all started.


Victorian Railways Resources

This site has fantastically detailed information about VR stations and lines – much of this information has found its way into the Victoria map.

This site has a wealth of detail on NSW railways, and was invaluable when I researched the Sydney rail map.


Jim Fergusson’s Railway Station lists

This site lists railway and tramway stations around the world – again an invaluable tool for the researcher.


Mark Bau’s VR Website

This site includes a timeline of VR history – very useful in preparing the Victoria map.


Melbourne Tram Museum at Hawthorn Depot

This site includes a wealth of articles on Melbourne Tramways history, including one on my granddad, Clarrie O’Shea!

The links section is worth a look – it has links to other heritage tramways in Australia, NZ, Europe and North America.


Australian Rail Maps

This site has diagrammatic maps of current Australian rail networks, as well as a range of other information, including a few facsimiles of historic railway maps.