Station details amended for the Inglewood-Korong Vale section of the Robinvale line

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I came across this via NLA’s trove describing the opening of the Inglewood-Korong Vale railway:

There are three stations on the line between Inglewood and Korong Vale. Kurting or Hope Creek is situated four miles from Inglewood. Five miles further on is Ferriby Creek, opposite Allen’s Half-Way House on the Wedderburn road, which the line crosses. Craigie Lea is situated about five miles from Korong Vale, and is the junction with the line to Wedderburn, from which it is distant four miles. At each of these stations there have been platforms erected.

Bendigo Advertiser 20/4/1882 p.3

Craigie Lea had been renamed Wedderburn Rd by the time the Wedderburn branch line opened in 1887.

Amendments made accordingly.

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