Station details for the Cobram, Colbinabbin and Girgarre Lines added

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I’ve added three lines with a connection to my Watson antecedents. My Great-grandparents, Alice and Charles Watson, settled in Cobram from Scotland at the turn of the 20th century, hoping that the climate might be better for Charles’ tuberculosis than their native Scotland. This didn’t work out, and they returned to Scotland after my grandfather, also called Charles, was born in 1901.

Orphaned by the age of eight, my grandfather migrated to the country he had been born in in the 1920s, and eventually married my grandmother and settled in Rushworth. My father was born in Stanhope. One of his earliest memories is of travelling to Melbourne by train unaccompanied, first by a AEC railmotor and then by train (after changing at Murchison East). He would have been entrusted to the care of railway staff for the journey.

By this stage my grandmother was bringing up her children alone, my grandfather being employed building railways for the Japanese Imperial Army along with the rest of the 8th Division. He was lucky enough come home and my grandparents moved to Melbourne after the war.

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